“Jennifer has been professional and honest since the day that I met her. All of our mutual clients have had great things to say about her and you can tell that these clients are happy to have a good, reliable attorney to work with that is far from the typical lawyer.  I would recommend her to my family, friends, and clients that need estate planning services.”  Adam Corbin, Loan Coordinator with Top Flight Financial, Inc.



“For the past five years, we have discussed the importance of developing an Estate Plan.  We listened to our friends and family as they discussed the process.  We were not looking forward to it.  Then, we spoke with our accountant who gave us the best tip ever.  Meet with Jennifer Sadecki Parison and she will make the experience painless.  Wow, how true!  We were thrilled with the professional, efficient and detailed Estate Plan that was designed for us by Jennifer.   In three meetings, with the price given to us at the first meeting, we completed the process.  It was thought provoking and comforting to know that our family's best interests were met in our Estate Plan.  Jennifer is so very knowledgeable, trustworthy and listened to our concerns.  She also gave us time to think about areas that we had really never considered.  This professionalism, coupled by Jennifer's legal background, made for a wonderful experience. Thank you Jennifer.  We feel fortunate to have worked with you.”  Steve and Gloria S.


"Jennifer Sadecki Parison has been our Attorney for several years now.  She has represented us on a level unlike any lawyer we've used before.  What we admire about Jennifer is everything she represents as a person and an attorney. 

She is extremely personable and easy to talk to, therefore has the ability to put you at ease immediately.  She can also explain either a confusing document or a potential situation in layman terms which is unbelievably beneficial to those of us that don't have a degree.  Everything that Jennifer has done for us has been above reproach and always exceeds our expectations.  She has a perfect balance of tenacity, professionalism and compassion. What wonderful qualities to have wrapped up in one attorney!!  I've often told her, "You were made for this job!!!"  

Jennifer, thanks for just being you and all that you've done for us...your truly the BEST!!!!!"  Andrew and Michelle S


"Jennifer Sadecki Parison has been very professional and a tremendous help guiding us through a very difficult estate closure."  Tom and Rosemary J.